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Gnar Tapes

is a Los Angeles, California based music label operated by the four freaks from the bands The Memories and White Fang. We deal in music and art from weirdos, freaks, artists, and anyone from anywhere! We make limited edition cassettes, records, zines, shirts, skateboards, and more! We started making our first Gnar Tapes in 2008 under the basements of Portland, Oregon and we now are located in the enchanted land of LA, making more and more of everything each day! Our office is located at Studio G (the G is for Gnar), our 2000 square-foot HQ in Cypress Park, L.A., California.

~Rikky Gage



For general inquiries: Rikky Gage, CEO, Curator
For licensing, legal, and web: Chris Uehlein, VP, Business Manager
For mail order inquiries: Izak Arida, Operations Manager
For product inquiries: Jimmy Leslie, Product Manager


GnarBurger (LA Storefront with Burger Records)

Gnar Digital (digital sub-label of Gnar Tapes)

Marriage Records (sub-label of Gnar Tapes)

Rad (sub-label of Gnar Tapes)

Shredder Tours (Gnar Tapes in-house booking agency)

White Fang (the band that founded Gnar Tapes)

The Memories (the band that runs Gnar Tapes)

Animal Psi (http://www.animalpsi.com)
Audio Dregs (www.audiodregs.com)
Brian Echon (http://www.brianechon.com)
Bum Tapes (http://bumtapes.blogspot.com/)
Burger Records (http://burgerrecords.webs.com/)
Cassette Gods Reviews (http://cassettegods.blogspot.com)
Christian Megazord Oldham (http://christianoldham.com)
Dreem Street (http://www.dreemstreet.org)
Eggy Records and Distro (http://eggyrecords.blogspot.com/)
Faux Pas Recordings (http://fauxpasrecs.blogspot.com/)
Gaarden (www.gaardenrecords.com)
Glowmobile (http://glwmbl.com/)
Goaty Tapes (http://goatytapes.com)
Impose Magazine (http://www.imposemagazine.com)
Infinity Cat (http://www.infinitycat.com)
Light In The Attic Records (http://www.lightintheattic.net)
Little Wings/Rad Records (http://www.littlewingsnow.com)
Lolipop Records (http://www.lolipoprecords.com)
Marriage Records (www.marriagerecs.com)
Old Standard Sound (www.oldstandardsound.com)
OSR Tapes (http://osr-tapes.com/)
National Audio Company (http://nationalaudiocompany.com)
Night People (www.night-people.org)
Nitetrotter (www.nitetrotter.blogspot.com)
Paper Rad (http://www.paperrad.org)
Plastic Response Records (http://plasticresponserecords.tumblr.com/)
Rad Records (http://www.marriagerecs.com/rad/rad.html)
Ratface Dreamangel (http://www.rf-da.com)
Rubber Brother Records (http://rubberbrotherrecords.com/)
Slow Jamz For Men (www.slowjamzformen.blogspot.com)
Sophomore Lounge Records (www.sophomoreloungerecords.com/)
Spooky Town Records (www.thespookytown.blogspot.com)
States Rights Records(www.statesrightsrecords.com)
Timothy Stollenwerk/Stereophonic Mastering (http://www.stereopho.com/)
Thunder Zone (www.thunderzone.biz)
Tomentosa (www.tomentosarecords.com)
Underwater Peoples (www.underwaterpeoples.com)
The Void Skateshop (www.thevoidskateshop.blogspot.com)
Woodsist (http://www.woodsist.com)
Wyldfile (http://www.wyldfile.org)


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    Love to Rikky and Funkle, Somewhere Out There was James Ingram-Peabo Bryson was on the Beauty and the Beast sdtrk👽

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