Dr. Paul – Imaginary Friends


“Dr. Paul is an artist after our my own heart. Lo-fi home recording popster of the highest order. This new tape sits right at home with our “classic” lineup of bedroom albums that Gnar Tapes is known for. Sometimes jangly, sometimes stoney, sometimes stoic (maybe it’s a Kentucky thing), always quality; this one enters the hallowed halls of Gnar with a gentle bang. 12 tracks of perfect pop slices from Dr. Paul, a resident of Lexington, Kentucky; the same town that brought us Jovontaes, Street Gnar (now Primitive Ricky or something), Trailblazer (now Harry Talin or something), Idiot Glee, and so many more. We first met Paul in Lexington when he was playing with the band Beat Awfuls at a show The Memories jumped on last minute one night on a US tour a few years back. Shortly after many of our trusted friends, including the legendary James Swanberg of Today’s Hits and The Lemons, pressed us to release one of his and eventually he sent us this here ‘Imaginary Friends’ album. We were not disappointed, we were very impressed and thrilled. For fans of Totally You, Free Weed (just sayin’), Jerry Rogers, Keel Her, R. Stevie Moore, etc. You get the idea. He’s got a good bedroom songwriter thing going and I stand behind him completely. He’s the real deal.” – Rikky Gage (Free Weed, The Memories, White Fang)

Co-release with Plastic Response Records. Limited edition of 150.




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