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Eeeks are a 6-piece psychedelic pop band from Asunción, Paraguay (that’s in South America, folks) who came to our attention via our associate Austin Owen (brother of Phoenix-based Jordan “Jo Jo” Owen of Petty Things and Guantanamo Baywatch) who recorded this band while serving in the Peace Corps. He heard them in a small town and discovered that they were huge fans of Burger Records / Gnar Tapes / Lolipop Records. After hearing that their dream was to record an album and have it released on one of those labels, he had his gear shipped to him in Paraguay in order to record it at their house.

Thanks to Austin, who called Gnar out of the blue and sent us the music, we immediately noticed the weirdo pop fringe element of their sound (the kind we like) and a big, big candy-factory psychedelic pop sound that brings to mind memories of the Phantom Of The Paradise. Sounds like a graveyard beach party where Devo and The Beach Boys are going to headline later tonight after midnight, and all the tropical drinks are free and glow in the dark.

The vocals also really rule hard, going between different singers (and all the singers) throughout the 9 songs contained on this retro-futuristic bubblegum tripper album.

Here’s what the band had to say about themselves:

“The band was formed in mid 2012 by Aharon Emery on guitar and Ana Diaz on drums, both sharing vocals. Rogelio Sanabria joined shortly after on keyboards, and the trio played surf-oriented pop songs. A year later, Luca Milessi and Joaquin Abente joined the trio on guitar and bass. The band adopted the name Eeeks and shifted to a power pop and psychedelic pop sound. This was followed by a self released EP and two tours in Argentina.”

For fans of Burt Bacharach, Paul Williams, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, ELO, Magnetic Fields, The Free Design, The Replacements, Foxygen, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, jukebox/maltshop classics collections; you’ll be feelin’ it for sure!





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