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“Jib Kidder is the name under which semi-nomadic artist & (now) father Sean Schuster-Craig has been recording under for the past dozen-plus years, releasing LPs, cassettes, CDs, downloads, etc. on labels like Domino’s Weird World UK imprint, Asthmatic Kitty (he was commissioned to make a remix album out of the label’s then-entire catalog), States Rights Records (who released early albums by Dirty Projectors and YACHT to name a few), and Plastic Response Records; but that’s only a few to mention. He has amassed a catalog of 15 albums and EPs, influencing both weirdo bedroom pop artists and nu-wave soundcloud producers. His “Windowdipper” video (YouTube it) has gained nearly 200,000 views, in no small thanks to the song being featured in the hit primetime TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?” – and in no small thanks to Sean’s insane editing skills both audio and visual. No description of this tape could be complete without us mentioning the immense impact his influence has left on not just Gnar Tapes, but on our solo bands. I’ve been listening to Jib Kidder since I was 16; I’m now 28 and this album “Pay 2 Play” is the fifth (5th) cassette we’ve issued on Gnar Tapes (counting his DJ Kid Slizzard “For The Weed Smokers” mixtape which is my favorite cassette we’ve ever put out) and I couldn’t be more honored. For those that fell in love with his last Gnar Tape “IV” (co-released with Burger Records) will find this to be the perfect sequel in every way. This album could not be recommended enough.” – Rikky Gage (Gnar Tapes, Free Weed, The Memories, White Fang, The Stoners)


“Following 2015’s Teaspoon to the Ocean (Domino/Weird World) & IV (2014, Burger Records), Pay 2 Play is the 3rd collection of songs from multimedia psychedelic artist Jib Kidder.
A casual but charged selection of simple songs that plant something new and unsettling in the fertile dirt of the past.
Features fresh takes on Bach, Tori Amos & Beat Happening.
RIYL Lindsey Buckingham, and Roger Miller.” Plastic Response

“5:59 am.
The moment you defined “personal best time”.
You didn’t come this far to go somewhere else!
Disappear into a world of intuitive service, exceptional cuisine, engaging kids programs and an ambiance of new-fashioned luxury.
Putting on jewelry just got easier!” – Jib Kidder




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