Phil Thomas Katt – Nine Lives


Phil Thomas Katt is a Pensacola, FL based songwriter, musician, radio DJ, TV host, music video director, and all around American original. Internet famous as the host of The Uncharted Zone, a public access show / YouTube channel that showcases independent, obscure, and sometimes absurd musicians and bands (including the absolutely essential genius of Mark Gormley), PTK has also acquired a cult-like following of weirdo pop fanatics in recent years due to both his songs and his eye-popping green-screen music videos. “Nine Lives” collects the earliest recordings by PTK, from late-night-boogie-rock to soulful-country to super-70s-ballads and straight-up rock and roll. A true lost classic sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who loves weird and wonderful pop. Sometimes sleazy, sometimes cute, sometimes utterly beautiful and haunting. Gnar Tapes could not be happier to reissue this perfect pop piece; it is a real pleasure to share Phil Thomas Katt with you. CHECK OUT OUR FAN PAGE WE MADE FOR PTK!!!




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