R. Stevie Moore – “Amateur Hour, by the Card Charts”


The legendary R. Stevie Moore returns to Gnar Tapes with one of his newest cassette releases in years!

Recorded originally in New Jersey in 1983, “Amateur Hour, by the Card Charts” finds our hero R. Stevie Moore on acoustic guitar, with overdubbed claps and bongos, etc., singing a few familar RSM tracks anda lot songs we haven’t heard, mixed with covers of The Beatles, The Doors, and Public Image Ltd.! Incredibly beautiful, while also being charming and playful; this is one of our favorite tapes we’ve had the chance to share.

New R. Stevie Moore tapes in the shop! Reissue of 1983 lo-fi acoustic bedroom tape with originals and familiar RSM songs like “We’re In Vietnam”, as well as covers of The Beatles, The Doors, The Beach Boys, Public Image Ltd., and a song about his dad’s former bandmate Jerry Lee Lewis. There’s a song about his dad Bob Moore who, as a Nashville A-Team bassist, performed with Elvis, Roy Orbison, and many others, turning 52. Stevie really is a musical genius with so many, many albums and songs – and this one is a must-grip for all RSM heads. Get it sent to your home by ordering at – or pick one up in person at our record store GnarBurger here in LA!

Limited edition of 100.

Tracklisting below.

1. The Longing
2. Caffeine Boy
3. Acapulco
4. Around The Corner
5. The Long Haul
6. We’re In Vietnam
7. Can’t Buy Me A Love
8. One Night
9. The Words Are Still There
10. A Tank!
11. Spontania
12. Even Me
13. Amateurs
14. Plastic Noise
15.. Somtimes I’m Happy
16. The Garbageman

1. Light My Fire
2. This Wednesday
3. We Can Work It Out
4. Thankful
5. Whole Lotta Shakin’
6. I Never Know
7. Wolverton Mountain
8. New Girl
9. Surfer Girl
10. Another Girl
11. The Song Is You
12. Fireman Joe
13. Public Image




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