Brendan Sepe – Songs Over The Telephone


“Songs Over The Telephone” is the debut cassette album by Brendan Sepe, a 21 year old construction worker and surfer from Mission Viejo who moonlights as the bassist for SoCal surf-rat freak-folk pop outfit The Pesos. According to Sepe, this is a love songs album about, like, seven girls. Sad songs both slow and upbeat litter the album but with such a youthful thirst for life that this fella has, the sense of adventure and kindness shine through the songs. For fans of Lee Hazelwood, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, The Memories, Magnetic Fields, Little Wings, Thanksgiving, White Fence, etc. This is a great lo-fi folk-pop debut by a youngster to keep your ear open for. Limited edition of 100 gold cassettes.

So i guess at the time of recording and writing this record i was working for sometime at a juice bar and the rest now doing construction. Most of these songs were written in about 5 to 6 month span or so, not in any specfic place. some in my room, on the road, at work when it was slow, in my car just, at the beach just kind of anywhere. This is a romance record, every song being a love song. All songs are fragments of my time i got to spend with people who i grew to really care for. Maybe i wasnt in love but it felt like it at times. Most of them being sad, not that i am or was depressed during the making of these, but a very natural sadness you catch when your alone or in little burst ya know. The songs are very honest. most times i sit to write a song i am ussually a bit sad. Its the place my creativity flows from.During the times of recording and writting these i was listening ┬áheavily to country music at the time and a ton of soul music as well, but i was listening to a bunch of different stuff as well as the vu (foooorever) best band out. lee hazlewood, leonard cohen, pastels, candi staton, bjm, the memories, the strange boys, etta james magnetic fields, julee cruise, john cale, white fence, bob dylan, neil young, i mean the list can go on and on. Just a love for differnt sounds and voices and melodies. the record was all recorded in my room and im very happy at the way it came out. It took a bit longer than i thought it would to finish it all up but im proud of it. Its a cry baby love record, i bet it wont be blasting at partys but i hope when your alone in your car or room it will make you feel someway, thats all i could really ask for. play it loud play it soft, its all for you and its all for me.” – Brendan Sepe




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